For more than 15 days all of Spain has been experiencing a summer time, but for now the early summer has come to an end in the capital of Asturias.

Around 16:30 the weather in Oviedo took a sudden change: it went from the pleasant temperatures that had accompanied the morning to a hail storm with ice balls the size of a 20-cent coin.

The precipitation, of more than six liters per square meter, caused floods that covered the roads in the area of ​​El Palacio de los Deportes and La Florida. In Ciudad Naranco, the water flooded some commercial premises and the water covered several feet of the ground.

Due to the flooding, the Florida study center will remain closed.

For several days, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) had been warning of the rainfall that would occur in Oviedo. Despite this, the power of the hailstorm caused many people to run to find shelter.

The President of the Principality, the socialist Adrián Barbón, has affirmed that “climate change is a reality that we have to face”.

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