President Joe Biden said the United States would defend Taiwan militarily if China invaded the self-governing island, warning that Beijing “flirts with danger.”

“It’s the commitment we made,” Biden said when asked if the United States would intervene militarily against Beijing in the event of a Chinese attempt to take control of Taiwan by force.

China regards Taiwan as a rogue province that should be integrated into the country, by force if necessary.

“We agree with the one-China policy, and have signed for it … but the idea that Taiwan should be taken by force is not appropriate,” he added.

In his harshest comments regarding the situation in Ukraine and the help this country receives from the West to repel the Russian invasion, Biden linked this situation to Taiwan.

Russia “has to pay a long-term price” for its “barbarism in Ukraine,” Biden said. “And this doesn’t just apply to Ukraine,” she added, as China sees continued pressure from the West on Moscow.

“What signal does all of this send to China about any attempt to take Taiwan by force?” Biden asked.

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