Eight members have sent a letter to the president of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), Carlos Lesmes, to ask him to convene an extraordinary plenary session where they can address the reform of the Organic Law of the Judiciary that enables the governing body of the judges to make the appointment of two magistrates of the Constitutional Court.

The members have made this decision given the possibility that the Government of Pedro Sánchez accelerates the parliamentary processing of the bill registered two weeks ago by the socialist parliamentary group.

In the letter sent to the president, to which EL MUNDO has had access, the directors explain that “recently, and through press news, it has become known that the Government of the Nation has addressed a petition to the Congress of the Deputies so that the plenary session on the debate on the State of the Nation to be held from July 12 to 14 of this year includes the debate and vote on a series of legislative texts and, among them, the bill to be refers to this writing”.

In this regard, they explain that “the legislative initiative to which this letter refers has already been the subject of a request for its inclusion on the agenda of the plenary session scheduled for June 30, 2022” but they add that “the painful death of our colleague María Victoria Cinto prevented it from being the object of deliberation and the adoption of the corresponding agreements.”

These eight members of the conservative sector of the CGPJ underline that “the haste with which the processing of the legislative initiative is going to be carried out excludes the possibility of waiting for the Plenary Session of this Council scheduled for July 21, 2022, and that the circumstances of urgency concur that motivate a request to hold an extraordinary plenary session in accordance with the provisions of article 35, second paragraph, of the Regulations for the Organization and Functioning of the CGPJ, which must take place within three days following the the filing of this application.

The members seek to “request the Congress of Deputies to obtain the report of the General Council of the Judiciary in relation to the proposal for an Organic Law presented by the Socialist parliamentary group for the reform of the Organic Law of the Judiciary in the relative aspect to the attributions of this Council in the sense of also and fully returning to it the attributions for judicial and governmental-judicial appointments of a discretionary nature». In addition, “they ask to address the European Commission to report on the Government’s claims.”

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