The suicide prevention hotline 024 -which works 24 hours a day, seven days a week- received some 15,000 calls and detected 290 suicides in progress during its first month of existence.

According to data transmitted this Friday by the Ministry of Health, this resource historically demanded by victims, relatives and experts in the world of suicide receives an average of 400 calls a day (during the first week of operation, between 10 and on May 17 it was 800).

Throughout this month, the operators and managers of 024 made 650 referrals to the Emergency services, one of the priorities of the service, which receives calls not only from people with ongoing suicidal ideation, plan or execution, but also from relatives, teachers or friends of people at risk.

“We have gone from silence to debate and from debate to action, placing mental health at the epicenter of public policies,” says Minister Carolina Darias at the time of a first balance of 024.

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