Nightdive Studios accounts to get a truckload of fantastic retro 3D names, such as Doom 64, Turok and also the approaching remastered System Shock. We showed a glimpse of Shadow Man: Remastered using a trailer that surfaced at a year’s PC Gaming Prove . The game will support up to 4K, such as widescreen monitors, also HDR rendering. There is also a few graphical tweaking for shadows and light, together with some anti-aliasing to eliminate these pesky jaggies.

Below are a few comparison shots in the first and remastered models.

People who played the first Shadow Man will continue to have the ability to discover something fresh in the remaster also, with a few unspecified cut material making its way to the match. But there is no advice on this past”never-before-seen content cut out of the first game”, but we have asked for specifics. Hopefully they are not over-hyping something small, as it is always enjoyable to observe studios dig these long-lost nuggets of assets and code, and should entice first fans to return much more.


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