Castlehold is a free-to-play sport which combines deck construction with hex-based tactical battles.

Called Castlehold, it is a free-to-play”aggressive strategy game” set in a world brought into being with a rift in time and space, in which vikings, cowboys, ninjas, cyber-soldiers, and much more do struggle for control of a mysterious kingdom called the Drift.

Battles at Castlehold unfold on little hex-based maps representing islands adrift in a fantastic sea–thus the title of this area. Armies are constructed from decks of electronic cards, which are subsequently deployed and transferred in alternating ends. Capturing villages makes gold, which empowers more costly and strong components to be brought to action.

Castlehold players start with 70 unlocked soldier cards from 300 in total, and there are not any limitations on how they may be paired up in conflict. Five special Captains will give additional exceptional skills to your drives: Regent Niles, for example, will confer +1 Power to all allied units on Cabinets as soon as you’ve earned at least three stone, whereas Commander Stone will put a debuff on components protecting the enemy castle.

5th Mobile says Castlehold as”easy to understand, but hard to grasp,” that is a relatively common descriptor for these items, but I have played with a pre-release construct for a little and it certainly seems to match. The tutorials are simple and simple to follow, and the mechanisms are rather straightforward, but the effortless ride I anticipated against the AI did not workout at all, and that I quickly got my butt kicked. It may be”easy,” but you still must pay attention.

Castlehold does not have a good release date yet but 5th Cell expects it to stay in Early Access for 6-12 weeks, and also verified it will stay free after full launch. You may find out more about the sport in, and keep up with the phenomena on Discord.


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