Quake’s updated has been released. It includes more bot and modding support. There are also improvements in user control and accessibility.

Most importantly, bot support for multiple maps now includes:

  • The Slipgate Complex (E1M1)
  • Castle of the Damned, E1M2
  • The House of Chthon, E1M7
  • The Elder God Shrine (E4M3)
  • Shub-Niggurath’s Pit (END).
  • The Edge of Oblivion (HIPDM1)
  • The Pumping Station (HIP1M1)
  • Improved bot melee attack and swimming, as well as weapon selection behavior
  • Text dialogues added to indicate when bots kill or are killed
  • Better bot handling for elevators
  • Improved bot navigation at The Abandoned base (DM3)

Other improvements include faster game save, host identification by icons rather than an outline, so colorblind users can easily identify them, and the HUD for weapon wheels is not cut off when playing local multiplayer.

The new episode “Dimension of the Machine” has a number of checkpoint-spawns. You should definitely check it out. Rick Lane, the writer of Quake, considers it a great addition to their canon.

The dev team has made improvements to the analog stick input and added deadzone, aim acceleration and aim exponent options for controllers.


Highlights in bug fixes include:

  • Self-damage can be prevented by turning off the friendly fire
  • Problem solved: Bots could not grab the required pickups
  • Bots will now be able to see all triggers as shootable.
  • Bots are no longer allowed to linger in lava or slime for too long
  • Bot support removed from maps without waypoints
  • Resolved problem with sounds dropping and entities flickering during online play
  • Disable GPU culling to increase performance in Dimension of Machine

You can find the Quake Update Patch Notes here. See more details including bug fixes and technical improvements for modding.


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