With the resignation of the Attorney General of the State, Dolores Delgado this morning and yesterday of the Vice President General, Adriana Lastra, the PP believes that the strategy they are using “does not change anything”, “it is more of the same”. “Pedro Sánchez has entrenched himself in the pacts with his separatist, independentist and Podemos allies”, and there are others who have to pay for their “blunders”, assured the deputy secretary of Autonomous and Local Coordination of the popular, Pedro Rollán, in a press conference this morning.

From Genoa it has not been seen with good eyes that at the same moment of the resignation of Dolores Delgado, Álvaro García Ortiz has been appointed as successor who is, in addition, the right hand of the former socialist minister. They say from the PP “that they are the wrong partners” because Justice has to have “total and absolute independence, autonomy and credibility”.

With this movement of the Government, the popular ones consider that Sánchez “has lost the opportunity to dignify and facilitate the independence of the Judiciary”, since Delgado’s successor “is a person with a remarkable closeness to the PSOE” and they have even added that the socialists should “have withdrawn the law that requires the appointment of two magistrates of the CGPJ.” As for the renewal of this body, from the Popular Party they have transmitted that they “always have their hand out to agree on truly state matters.”

The popular have insisted that the new appointment “does not change anything” and have pointed out the existence of many independent professionals with an exemplary career who could have successfully held the position. “I fail to understand how President Sánchez, being able to have dignified the figure of the State prosecutor, has missed the opportunity, after how reviled she was for being a former PSOE minister.”

Even so, from the leadership of the PP they have wished “the best in the personal sphere for both Delgado and Adriana Lastra”, although they recognize that with their resignation they have done a “disservice to women who are in the workplace”, since with this decision a message is transferred that does not denote trust. “There are many contemplated mechanisms that a woman who wants to have a child can resort to,” they defended.

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