The general coordinator of Podemos in Aragón, Maru Díaz, dismissed this Friday through a message on Telegram the spokesperson for the purple group in the Cortes de Aragón, Nacho Escartín.

The party has justified the cessation in “the process of electing its visible faces with a view to 2023” and renewing some positions “for the next electoral year.”

It has been Escartín himself who, on social networks, has announced that he has been dismissed by Maru Díaz, Minister of Science and Universities in the four-party government chaired by the socialist Javier Lambán.

“He sent me a Telegram message this morning informing me that he is dismissing me as spokesman in the Cortes de Aragón, a function that I no longer exercise after an online vote in the Citizen Council and without prior debate.”

Until now, the spokesperson explains that “politically I think it is time to add, and that is why I attended Yolanda Díaz’s act last Friday. It is time to recover hope and people, to achieve better political results to change people’s lives.”

He adds that “although it was a surprising announcement, for my part, as I have always done, I accept the decision made and, wherever I am, I will continue to work with joy and grace to improve people’s lives, as a deputy and as a committed person. in social and cooperative movements”.

And he continues: “Let’s not forget the focus of what is important. We have a Government in Spain and in Aragon where we have to consolidate the advances and expand the rights to dignified lives and with well-being.”

In his opinion, “Feijóo is not the alternative for our society, because his only project is to dismantle everything. In order for him not to succeed, we need all of us. There is no one left over here and, with that constant and positive spirit, I am going to keep adding.”

Escartín considers that “the collective challenges of the present and the future need our best version. It is the one that I have tried to give as spokesperson for Podemos in the Cortes de Aragón and, as always, I will continue to make an effort as a deputy and a person committed to a better society, more fair, equitable and free”.

Nacho Escartín was elected deputy to the Cortes de Aragón for Zaragoza in 2015. Later, he was elected general secretary of Podemos in Aragón in the 2017 primaries, replacing Pablo Echenique who left all his positions to go to Madrid.

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