The PSOE is going to celebrate this Saturday, July 23, a Federal Committee -the party’s highest body between congresses-, as confirmed by sources from the Federal Executive.

The call comes after the resignation of the deputy secretary general, Adriana Lastra, who announced on Monday that she was taking a step back, alleging personal reasons and the need to take a prolonged leave of absence.

After the departure of Lastra, which occurs in the midst of an internal dispute with the Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdán, it remains to be seen whether the Secretary General, Pedro Sánchez, will fill the vacancy, leave it free or undertake more changes in the direction, which must be ratified by the Federal Committee.

In addition, Sánchez can take the opportunity to make more adjustments to the party, which is going through a difficult time after the poor results in Andalusia and some requests for internal changes to face the new electoral cycle, although it is also possible that they will limit themselves to redistributing Lastra’s functions .

Socialist sources consulted by Efe point to the possibility that Lastra has decided to step aside to facilitate Sánchez’s remodeling of the party to face the new elections, also aware that his own position could be in danger.

What all the sources consulted agree on is that the only one who knows what kind of changes there may be in the game and if they will go beyond Lastra’s replacement is Sánchez and a very small group of people he trusts.

The last time the Federal Committee met was on March 6 to analyze the situation in Ukraine after the invasion by Russia, as well as the consequences of this war for Spain and the European Union as a whole.

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