2020 MVP Fleta’s Echo outfit is going to be the final Pro-inspired hero skin.

But this will be the last time a League MVP is granted their particular decorative –and it is not difficult to imagine why.

Overwatch began the trend of rewarding players using their very own skins in 2019, starting with a tentacular Zenyatta appearance to get previous-year MVP Sung-hyeon”JJoNak” Bang. This past year, an alien Zarya skin has been given to Jay”Sinatraa” Won–and it is here that the notion of immortalising an expert player within the sport gets controversial.

Before this month, the prior OWL expert player (having transferred to Valorant past April) has been accused of sexual attack via an ex-girlfriend. Adhering to the accusations, Won had been dropped by his Valorant group, while Blizzard announced that it’d be removing his MVP epidermis out of Overwatch, offering refund credits to individuals who had bought it.

Won denied the allegations in an announcement on social networking. Regardless, even though Blizzard has not explicitly mentioned it as a motive for killing the MVP skincare program, the notion of cosplaying somebody accused of misuse is an embarrassing note for Overwatch.

Therefore, while teams can continue to acquire their own success cosmetics, Fleet’s Echo skin is going to be the final time a player is going to be rewarded with an MVP hero skin. It is a good skin, also, using a polarising good/evil energetic that Blizzard says reflects”the two Fleta’s calm character and his competitive wrestling playstyle”. Bit of a pity we will not see much more like it, actually.


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