Motorcycling Marc Márquez, without a sling: “The arm is on the right track”


    Marc Márquez, six times MotoGP world champion, has undergone a review six weeks after his surgery on the right humerus, in which it has been confirmed that he has “a good clinical and radiological evolution that allows him to advance in the program recovery of mobility and strength of the arm”.

    “It’s my first day without the sling. Now I can move my arm, not in a natural way, but in a couple of hours I will have my first physiotherapy session, and from there we will improve step by step,” explained the man from Lleida in a event organized by Repsol Honda.

    “The arm, step by step, and especially the bone, are on the right track. Now it’s time to start working on the muscle,” added Márquez, who will continue with the process in Madrid, although he does not rule out traveling to Cervera for a few days , his hometown.

    After the review carried out at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid, the medical team made up of doctors Joaquín Sánchez Sotelo, Samuel Antuña and Ángel Cotorro, were satisfied with the evolution of the right humerus of the driver from Cervera.

    “We have taken an important step in the recovery process,” said Márquez after passing the medical exam. “The doctors have confirmed that the humerus is consolidating correctly, so we can start with physiotherapy and cardiovascular training. I am very excited to be able to regain mobility in the arm and I want to thank the entire medical team for their treatment and attention” , he continued.

    Márquez underwent surgery on June 3 for the fourth time on his right humerus at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (USA), after experiencing significant limitations in his arm that prevented him from piloting correctly.

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