The favorable air that was blowing this Friday in Sanxenxo helped the Bribón win the first stage of the Viajes InterRías trophy, while in Madrid the air was different. Because all the popular heat that Don Juan Carlos is receiving this weekend will end when he catches a plane on Monday on his way to Zarzuela. Although it was the Royal House that informed in an official statement that the King Father would meet that day with Doña Sofía, Don Felipe and other members of the family, it has been decided that it is a private act and, therefore, it does not appear in the official agenda of the House.

“King Juan Carlos is a private person since he retired from public life in 2019.” That is the mantra that Zarzuela repeats whenever it is consulted on aspects related to Don Juan Carlos. Based on that argument, his trip to Madrid is not among the King’s official commitments. It is a family appointment and although the importance of that reunion between the Head of State and his father is historic, after two years of the Emeritus abroad, at the moment in the House they do not value distributing photographs or information about the appointment. It’s private. It was also at the time the beginning of Princess Eleanor’s school stage in Wales, but there were snapshots.

Perhaps aware of the low-profile treatment he will receive on Monday, Don Juan Carlos savors every minute of his return to Sanxenxo, including the media exposure. Thus, this Friday morning he was happy to see the Galician sky clear. And in the midst of an amazing expectation, with the Real Club Náutico packed with 170 media waiting for Don Juan Carlos. He had fried eggs and fruit for breakfast with Pedro Campos and the Infanta Elena at his house, to gather strength before the day that awaited them on the high seas. Meanwhile, at the Náutico, members of the entity, ready to receive the Emeritus, and personal friends who had recently arrived from Madrid, did not stop entering.

And finally, at half past twelve in the morning, with regal punctuality, Pedro Campos’s car appeared at the Náutico. As co-pilot, Don Juan Carlos; in the back seat, the loyal Infanta Elena, always next to her father. Half a thousand onlookers broke into cheers and ovations for the King, who got out of the car with a smile on his face. Don Juan Carlos, leaning on a cane and helped at all times by an assistant, wore a white polo shirt, pink trousers and the red cap that he wears in the regattas, because he claims that he brings him luck. He first greeted the mayor of Sanxenxo, with whom he had had breakfast at Pedro Campos’ house, and then different members of the corporation. Of his own free will he approached some of the onlookers to shake hands and blow kisses. Later, when the clamor of the people made the questions of the press imperceptible, he thanked the popular warmth with his hand on his heart and, finally, affirmed: “Today it doesn’t rain, it doesn’t rain.” They were the only words he spoke before entering the Yacht Club, where he received a standing ovation that moved him. Also the reunion with his crew after three years and with his friends.

“Many of us have come from Madrid to see him, he deserves it. He is going to come very often », Pedro de Borbón Dos Sicilias said smiling to this medium. The son of the deceased Infante Don Carlos has acted on many occasions as an intermediary between Felipe VI and his father throughout these two years. “I have seen him very fit despite his mobility problems,” Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros told this newspaper. He, like José María Juncadella, will be “all weekend” with the King. “He is very excited, today seeing the affection of the people he has become emotional again,” he revealed to this newspaper.

It was not be for lowerly. The incessant cheers also brought tears to Doña Elena. Although in Sanxenxo he is loved, in the municipality they did not remember so much expectation for the King in any of his previous visits. Don Juan Carlos stepped on the deck of the Rogue and took a photograph before jumping onto the support boat, Cristina, from which he followed the day his boat won.

At six in the evening, the King entered the port again and declared that he was “very happy” to set foot in Spain again. He headed straight for Pedro Campos’ house, where they had prepared a snack dinner with the crew and their friends. A sweet ending after the victory in Sanxenxo, where he will continue all weekend, until his private visit to Madrid on Monday.

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