But she has missing her height advantage.

They’re also both vampires, which is likely the more obvious reason why she makes an appearance.

Lady D has her own attack animations, slicing and dicing Maria with her sharp claws, plus a surprise transformation at the end. It’s excellent stuff!

However, to keep things honest, Lady Dimitrescu continues to be shrunk to Maria’s size, which of course eliminates among the internet’s favorite talking points, the simple fact that she’s absolutely enormous. Otherwise, she’s a fantastic match for Bloodborne’s aesthetics, and since she’s a tiny underused within her game, lovers would obviously try to get the most out of her. If you type”Lady Dimitrescu” into Google,”Lady Dimitrescu version” is one of the highest-ranking search phrases, which gives you a fairly good idea what else people are up to–they want to learn who her face design is, of course.

The comments to the video are mostly horny, though. Obviously they are.


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