The whole game is playable in first or third-person mode.

The creator of the R.E.A.L GTA 5 VR mod has only released a VR service mod for Red Dead Redemption 2. Available via modder Luke Ross’s Patreon webpage , the mod is currently in’Early Access’ and will continue to receive more improvements with time. Inspired by the footage above (courtesy of UploadVR) it is looking pretty damn great, and the whole game is playable in either first- or third-person perspective.

Ross describes on his Patreon that building VR service for Red Dead Redemption 2 demanded a ground-up strategy: the code because of his GTA 5 mod could not serve as a foundation for this particular project. “The game is far more sophisticated than GTA V from a technical point of view,” Ross explains,”and the images API it supports (Vulkan and DX12) are more complicated than DX11, on which GTA V was based. I needed to make a completely new frame for VR shot: basically what I had built for GTA V mod was now useless and desired rewriting from scratch”

The mod is the result of six months fulltime work, thus the move to Patreon–you will need to become a patron to get the mod at the moment. Ross has ambitions to include VR service to Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla too, which patrons can obtain access to when and if they are released.

Though the footage above only reveals Red Dead Redemption two’s dreadfully protracted (and snowy) prologue, it reveals how easily the game’s UI has been implemented (at least, if you are using a gamepad), but do anticipate some jarring camera hijacks whenever a cutscene arrives.


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