Marvel cinematic world? Nah. Hip-hop icon? Get from here. I suppose so? Burn your bingo cardsbecause the newest Fortnite crossover is based on the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson.

Fortnite dropped the official statement early Friday. The new skin relies on Kelsier, a central part of this collection.

Epic formerly teased the Mistborn crossover from tweeting a quotation from the novels.

The quotation describes Kelsier:”You are the one that they call the Survivor; these scars on your arm provide you apart. You are a troublemaker.”

Despite being a good reader of sci-fi and fantasy (I really like a fantastic Drizzt book, or John Scalzi), I will confess I do not know Mistborn out of always, constantly watching it on the shelves in bookstores. A fast dip farther down the rabbit hole informs me Mistborn follows a young thief named Vin at a darkened world dominated by strong magic. She learns she is among those Mistborn, a being who will utilize metal particles to radically boost her skills. Kelsier, her mentor, is the chief of a faith called the Church of the Survivor, and their team works to overthrow an empire.

Fairly straightforward dream things, it appears, but you do not get as large as Mistborn without getting some enjoyable characters and play, so I am prepared to wager things evolve quite radically as they move together.

In general, Sanderson has an estimated 15 million earnings across all of his series. In involving other releases, he also began a Mistborn sequel series with Metal of Legislation in 2011.

His latest work is that the Stormlight Archives series, which began in 2010.


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