There is a sports atmosphere in Malaga that permeates every corner of its streets. It is not only because of the arrival of the Spanish team to play their match against the Czech Republic at the La Rosaleda stadium. The blame lies largely with the second day of MARCA Sport Weekend – an event that has the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía, the Malaga City Council, and the sponsorship of Cerveza Victoria, Hyundai, Hiberdrola, Iberia, LaLiga, La Roche -Posay, Movistar, Santander and which started running from early in the morning. Another intense day with the best athletes on the planet distributed in different formats: round tables, exhibitions and clinics, colloquiums or conferences.

Milan player Brahim Díaz opened on Saturday with the inauguration of Los Magos del Balón, where he delighted the children with his skills. The Malaga midfielder has already been, at 22 years old, League champion in England, Spain and Italy. Brahim had a few words for his partner Zlatan Ibrahimovic, of whom he said that he was the age of his father but that he continued to make a difference. In addition, he advised the children: “I have always enjoyed myself on the pitch, without pressure. If you combine effort and talent, everything comes”.

The one who also demonstrated his abilities and skills was the mysterious chess player King Enigma, who played a session of simultaneous games in the Plaza de la Constitución. Jumping from match to match, four-time skeleton Olympian Ander Mirambell and Ana Peleteiro were enjoying a workout on the sand with the kids.

The triple jumper announced that, due to her pregnancy, she will not be in the next competitions: “I am already thinking about the 2023 World Cup. After all, there are World Cups and Europeans every year. Women always have to sacrifice some moment of our career to dedicate it to personal life. I don’t want to wait until I retire to be a mother. She also assured her presence at the 2024 Paris Games.

For difficult and hard routes, two exceptional round tables. The boom in women’s sport since Barcelona 92 ​​with former Olympians María Vasco, Theresa Zabell and Mercedes Coghen and the talk with Juan Carlos Unzué, former goalkeeper for Barcelona, ​​Seville, Tenerife, Oviedo and Osasuna, who was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ) who demanded more attention for this disease, “it is very expensive and with little help” and asked politicians, both from the Government and from the opposition, to be more efficient. “When we talk about health there is no ideology,” he stated emphatically.

In addition, he explained his learning in daily coexistence with the ELA. “If you have something positive to pass on to anyone, don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait for them to have a diagnosis like the one we have.” Despite his illness, Unzué was positive: “In my life I would have thought I could be happy in a wheelchair. And do you know why? Because I feel useful,” he said before the Pompidou Center auditorium where a pin did not fit .

In addition, his experience of so many years under the sticks also ended up being of great use to him. “Being a goalkeeper helped me live with the mistake. I am a very resilient person and it is helping me with the moment I am living”, he explained during the most emotional moment of the weekend.

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