Emeritus King Juan Carlos I can still prolong his legal battle to avoid the harassment trial that his ex-lover Corinna Zu Sayn-Wittgengstein has filed in British courts. London Court of Appeal Judge Nicholas Underhill has finally given his lawyers permission to appeal the earlier High Court ruling that denied him immunity in the case.

The hearing held in room number 71 of the court, which had been postponed for a week, has therefore given the King Emeritus a break. His lawyers now aspire to reopen the legal process and postpone the final decision on the holding of the trial for several weeks.

Superior Court Judge Mattew Nicklin had determined last March that Juan Carlos I could not avail himself of immunity on the grounds that the events they are accused of occurred in his capacity as a “private citizen” and cannot be considered “acts of state” .

The 58-year-old businesswoman maintains in her lawsuit that the King Emeritus was harassing her for years after the end of their relationship (while demanding the return of the 65 million euros that he had given her). According to Corinna, her bullying took the form of “revenge” to harm her business and her bullying against her own home on British soil caused serious damage to her mental health.

Corinna claims compensation from the King Emeritus for medical treatment, for the installation of high security measures in her home and the hiring of bodyguards for her personal security. If the trial were to take place around the summer, as planned, the King Emeritus would be in a particularly compromised situation due to the testimony of his former lover.

After losing the first battle to defend immunity in March, with the ruling of Judge Matthew Nicklin, the King Emeritus’s lawyers are confident, however, that the “permission” to appeal granted by Judge Nicholas Underhill may ultimately serve instance to turn the case around.

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