The judge of the National High Court, Manuel García Castellón, has agreed to extend, for a period of six months, the investigation of part 4 (Pit) of the Tándem case, in which the alleged assignment to commissioner José Manuel Villarejo is being investigated to hinder extradition. to Guatemala of businessman Ángel Pérez Maura, as well as other criminal services.

In an order, the magistrate also offers the person as harmed to the current attorney general of the State, Dolores Delgado, then prosecutor of the National Court, for some explicit references about her that appear in some of the audios that appear in the proceedings and that could constitute a crime against honor.

In the resolution, the judge also rejects the request for dismissal made by one of those investigated in this piece, the jet set businessman Adrián de la Joya, as there are indications of his participation in the facts investigated that justify the continuation of the procedure against him. and because, in addition, there are proceedings pending to be carried out.

García Castellón accepts the prosecutor’s proposal in which the extension of the investigation is of interest due to the need to carry out a series of pending procedures. The magistrate explains that there is room to exhaust the investigation in terms that satisfy the right of defense and the prosecution without the term of investigation being exhausted, “because it cannot be inferred, with the seriousness that criminal law demands, that The conviction has been reached that the preparatory phase has come to an end, under the terms of article 299 of the Law of Criminal Procedure”.

For all these reasons, the head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 6 of the National Court agrees to carry out a series of procedures, among others, the summons as injured party of Dolores Delgado to make the corresponding offer of shares.

In this piece 4 of the Tándem case, international bribery and money laundering crimes are investigated, among others.

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