It’s a fun assumption: a father and mother to the edge of divorce have been inexplicably changed into dolls with their kid, and also this plight is intended to convince them not to find a divorce. Children, hey? There is also a sentient”cheesy lovebook” involved, who believes he can mend their connection.

What ensues is a series of actions and platforming gauntlets that need these doll-parents to collaborate very carefully. We have seen it in action before, but a brand new gameplay trailer issued now and embedded over has me quite excited about its potential. Based on director Josef Fares, the total amount of variation is”mad”–each situation or degree provides another setting and gameplay . In 1 case the miserable couple must aid a bunch of sailors rid their house of wasps using a deadly blend of sap and fit firearms.

It Takes Two is expected to launch on March 26, and utilizing EA’s Buddy’s Pass system you’ll be able to purchase 1 copy to play with a buddy. Let us see what happens.


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