It is possible to apply for a contestant on the obstacle course series, which is filmed in Australia.

If you are exceptionally good at jaywalking, I’ve got just the chance for you. It is just what you’re thinking: An obstacle course contest where contestants have to”dodge treacherous traffic, jump over snapping gators and jump hungry hippos.”

Based on Deadline, the show is going to be streamed on NBC’s Peacock, which is now just available in america. It’ll feature 13 barrier courses that contestants will need to browse and there is an open casting call for US residents. The winner will walk off with a”huge” money decoration –not that you will want the cash when the entire world knows you as The Frog Who Lived.

The series sounds like Floor is Lava, a Netflix show where contestants try to oppose domestic barrier courses without falling to the’lava’ which has replaced the ground. That series was a slight hit, possibly in part because it arrived in the midst of a pandemic where many people were in lockdown and desperate to get something, anything to occupy our time. Konami and NBC are probably hoping that Frogger matches a similar function.


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