Perhaps it’s more Borderlands with fangs than Left 4 Dead with vampires.

Redfall is the forthcoming co-op game from Arkane, an open-world shooter set in an island town whose founders probably doomed it to vampire invasion the second they decided to name it ‘Redfall’. The reveal trailer focused on bantering characters, but a leak claiming to come from a playtest includes screenshots and hints about gameplay.

Redfall looks like a looter-shooter from the photos of the loadout screen, as well as a testing area with “Loot Zoo”. The gear is divided into five levels of rarity. High-end weapons can be level-gated and there’s an Item Shop. Guns have a scrap price, but it remains to be determined if scrap can be used in the item shop or whether there is a crafting system. According to a leaker, the “Gameplay style/loop” is very similar with Borderlands.


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