A colonel of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been killed with five shots to the head at the door of his house in the center of Tehran. Colonel Sayyad Khodaei was in his car, this elite body reported in a statement.

The Revolutionary Guard has explained that there were two people who were traveling on a motorcycle and that they fled. “Security forces are looking for the motorists,” Iranian media reported.

Khodaei had fought in Syria as part of the Quds Force, the body responsible for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ operations on foreign soil.

No group has claimed responsibility and Iranian authorities have not charged anyone, but Iran has in the past accused Israel of carrying out assassinations against members of its security forces and nuclear scientists in recent years, as well as trying to sabotage nuclear facilities. Iranians.

These accusations have spread outside its borders as well. In March, Tehran blamed Israel for the deaths of two Revolutionary Guards near Damascus and days later bombed an alleged “Zionist conspiracy” center in Erbil, northern Iraq, for it.

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