The Investigation Court Number 8 of Murcia is investigating the former owner of a music and dance academy in the center of Murcia for recording at least twenty teachers and students in the center’s facilities, specifically in the classroom where They gave the classes and also in the bathroom.

The first investigation began a few years ago, after one of those affected, a minor, denounced the former owner of this well-known academy after realizing that it had been recorded in the school toilet. The recording was made by a mobile phone that was hidden, as Europa Press has learned.

The minor, accompanied by her relatives, went to the National Police Station in Barrio del Carmen to report what had happened. Being a minor, the Group of Minors (Grume) took charge of the case and the suspect was arrested at that time.

In the searches carried out at home and in the academy itself, the researchers intervened several computers, several storage devices, a tablet and an external hard drive. The Scientific Police found more than half a thousand files, recorded by the suspect between 2012 and 2015, in which both teachers and students appear.

However, the adolescent’s complaint did not go to trial, first because when the judge agreed that the possible crimes be investigated, the established deadline for conducting judicial investigations had already expired. And second, because the minor’s family reached an agreement with the defendant in exchange for a sum of money, for which the case was dismissed.

However, the judge ordered new procedures to be carried out on the rest of the seized material, thus opening a separate procedure to investigate its content. In November 2017, the judge authorized the Technological Crimes Group of the National Police in an order to extract data and study the mobile terminal, Samsung brand, which was intervened and the analysis of the rest of the seized material.

Almost two years later, in June 2019, the defendant was summoned by the court to testify, but he accepted his right not to do so. This year, the case has been reactivated by the instructor, who is investigating an alleged continued crime against privacy. and, at his request, the National Police has identified the former teachers and students of the school to confirm that they were the ones who appeared in these videos, something that they have all done.

The matter, which is still being investigated by the Court of Instruction number 8 of Murcia, which was the one who carried out the first investigation as a result of the minor’s complaint, is still in a latent phase, since those affected have not been called to testify in court.

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