The 2021 income tax return campaign began last April and will last for several weeks. During this time, taxpayers must settle accounts with the Treasury by submitting their income tax return, which will result in payment or return.

Although the income campaign ends on June 30, the last day to domicile declarations with a result to enter will be June 27, 2022.

On the other hand, citizens should bear in mind that if they submit their income tax return after the deadline, the Treasury may apply sanctions or a surcharge.

The variables that will determine the sanction will depend on the result of the declaration (to be deposited or to be returned), on whether a request has been received from the Tax Agency or on the time that has elapsed.

Taxpayers who have made a mistake when submitting the income tax return for the current year or for a previous one that is not prescribed, can modify it by submitting a rectification or a complementary return.

For their part, taxpayers whose income statement has a positive result and must pay money to the Treasury must take into account the deadline for this.

If the taxpayer chooses a single payment, the Treasury will receive the money at the time of submitting the Income Tax return. While the two payments will be divided into a first of 60% at the time of filing the declaration and a second, of 40%, in the month of November.

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