Get 40% off in Half-Life: Alyx’s first birthday party sale.

Valve is observing Half-Life: Alyx’s first birthday with a significant sale at 40 percent off. That places it at $36 (#28), which is not too bad for the ideal VR game there’s. It is more than only a fantastic VR shooter, Half-Life: Alyx is a great Half-Life game, pushing the story forward in major manners despite its prequel format. You’ll have until March 31 to nab it in the sale price, and thus don’t feel too rushed.

Valve is accompanying the sale using a big collection of its favourite custom inventions added via Steam Workshop, by a recurve bow into a minigolf course. Just last week we covered the release of a rigorous Bioshock campaign remade in HL:A, therefore even if we are another decade out from another Half-Life, at least we’ll have a steady drip of great mods to keep us going.

Maybe that means we can eventually bring Headcrab Sports into the mainstream, get a league going? If you are interested, meet me at deserted subway at 6 pm. Bring your own headcrab.

Anyone waiting to get in to VR is probably better served waiting anyway. Half-Life: Alyx is cheaper and therefore are VR headsets. These days, VR headsets do not all require tearing down a wall or taking a loan out. Assuming you have a nice PC, an Oculus Rift two will just set you back $300. Check out our entire collection of the best VR headphones before taking the plunge.


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