It is a chunky patch made up of lots of small changes.

Another week has passed and yet another patch has arrived at the Viking afterlife. This is not a huge spot for Valheim, such as the coming Hearth and Home upgrade we are holding our breath , but it will include quite a few fixes, changes, and tweaks, many of them great.

One of the standard of (later )life range, there has been a cure for the’relaxation’ calculation, that can be raised when you have specific things in your area, like carpeting, chairs, and beds. There was a problem in which a stool and easy mattress could override the comfortable level of better things, such as, for instance, a seat and a greater quality mattress. That has been fixed.

If you are wearing heavier armor, then you won’t be pumped back up to battle, making sense. If you swing a battle axe around, you are more likely to strike numerous foes today, which seems useful. Huzzah!

Monster tweaks are welcome, also, like a greater prize fall rate for deathsquitos and drakes, and wolves which spawn at night will not be so quick to flee and despawn as you are taming them. All boss drops currently float, so in the event that you just happen to ice hockey Bonemass while he is lurching about in deep water, then you will have the ability to collect whatever he drops more readily.

A couple of modifications might make certain facets of Viking life a little more difficult, though. Campfires, bonfires, and hearths take damage when dealing damage, so in the event that you’ve setup fires as part of a mass-culling functioning to farm funds, these fires will want some repair job from time to time. Same if you are using campfires to take down Valheim’s second boss,” The Elder, since they will degrade while they are burning him. A small delay has also been inserted with the hammer, hoe, and cultivator, that has a few players concerned about farming and landscaping, even though I jumped into check it out and that I hardly see the delay in any way. I believe that it could just be an effort to stop continuous spamming on active servers, which might influence performance. But we will see whether it is tweaked again farther down the line.

In the end, there has been a change to the games console controls work. The console was disabled by default, and to trigger it you will want to add a line to the match launch properties .

It is simple: simply right-click Valheim on your Steam library, then pick Properties, and at the General tab, in the base where it states Launch Alternatives, kind -console. (no period in the end.)

Increased enemy projectile response system
Fight Simulator tweaks (hits multiple enemies simpler )
Player knockback force is influenced by gear speed modifiers (IE heavy equipment will reduce the knockback from enemies)
Blackforest rock tower tweaks
Ward system fixes (You Can’t put a new ward in which an enemy shield collapses )
Comfort calculation fixed
“Failed to join” error message mended
Serpent decoration stack mend
Missing Moder spawn location in certain worlds repaired (NOTE: To present worlds”genloc” command Has to Be run manually at a local match with dev commands allowed to create fresh places, this is only necessary in case a Particular planet has this problem, This Isn’t very common)
Megingjord item-collider mend
Additional a Small use-delay onto Hammer, Hoe & Cultivator
Hammer remove auto-repeat additional
Better network bandwidth managing (should work on low bandwidth links and use higher data speed if possible)
Dolmen place fixes (Cease top rock from falling for no reason)
Fixed removing thing from item-stand not necessarily syncing thing stats
Server listing refresh button could be pressed prior to the Whole listing has been downloaded
better poor link detection
Fixed issue causing host to deliver additional information the longer a customer was linked
Localization updates


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