A group of those affected by the fires, including ranchers who have lost their animals due to the Monfragüe fire, received Pedro Sánchez and Guillermo Fernández Vara with criticism at the Advanced Command Post in the Port of Miravete, where the press could not access , which had been located an hour and a half before the appearance at ground zero of the fire, about 15 kilometers from the command post. This command post has been located throughout the weekend next to a service area, ‘Ventilla del Camionero’ and a gas station, at kilometer 219. Journalists could not access this area, this Sunday morning. that covered the visit of Pedro Sánchez, who were located from the first moment where the President of the Government was going to appear, about 15 kilometers away. In fact, the neighbors complained about the lack of journalists: “There are many guards, but no journalists, where are they?”

At the gates of this service area, the complaints were widespread: “At the time of the fire you should have been”, they cried out before the arrival of the president of the Board, who came to speak with them while Sánchez flew over the area mounted on a helicopter. “The vultures are coming now,” they snapped sardonically.

Among the people who came to protest were the ranchers who suffered the loss of a mare, charred by fire, and several sheep, Carlos Grande and his father, Juan Carlos, Environment agent, as EL MUNDO published this Sunday. Precisely, he reproached Vara that “here the fire on the second day was due to negligence because here we know that the air is changeable and summer, above all, is sunny, but Miravete always had a lower breeze from the mountains, but as soon as the air came and turned around, what had not been burned before was burned”.

Together with a score of neighbors in the area, they criticized the president of the Junta de Extremadura, who was waiting for the arrival of Pedro Sánchez, that the region and, especially the national park, had not been cleaned or cleared for at least three years, as even mayors warned, such as that of Serradilla, Javier Sánchez Vega, who is from the PSOE, in addition to the association of friends of Monfragüe. “There has been a lack of coordination,” they repeated to Fernández Vara over and over again, also in the presence of several Civil Guard agents, who did not have to intervene. “We are so green that nothing can be done in the countryside,” they told Vara, and wondered: “How are people going to come to the countryside?” or “if what they want is for us to leave, for us to leave the towns and that’s it.”

The ranchers expressed to Fernández Vara all their indignation at what had happened and when the president of the Board was leaving he was dismissed with loud whistles. During the conversion, they blurted out phrases like these: “It’s Pedro Sánchez’s fault”, although another intervened at the same time: “From him and from the previous ones, from the right and from the left, from everyone, this comes from many years ago because they don’t let us do anything,” referring to the fact that they are also not allowed to graze in this nature reserve. The president of Extremadura endured the recriminations and left the place to receive the president of the Government, who was arriving at that time in the helicopter, an issue that was criticized by the neighbors: “Look how it comes, at the price of diesel.”

Guillermo Fernández Vara left the place without saying a word as soon as the helicopter landed on the esplanade next to the service station.

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