Agents of the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife have helped and protected a six-year-old boy who was found wandering alone and in his pajamas at dawn last Sunday on San Sebastián Avenue.

A taxi driver notified the Security and Emergency resources after seeing the minor. The taxi driver waited with the boy until the agents arrived, explaining how he had found him in his pajamas and disoriented.

The police took charge of the situation and after talking with the boy, located his home and went to it. Once there, the doors of the house were found open and in one of the rooms a man, who had no relation to the minor, was sleeping and under the influence of alcohol. This man stated that he did not know the whereabouts of the minor’s mother, although he confirmed that they lived there.

The Local Police tried to contact the child’s mother, but she did not answer the phone. Subsequently, thanks to the efforts made by the Communications Room of the police force, it was possible to speak with the father of the minor, who shortly after appeared at the scene and proceeded to hand over his son, although he will be sent a report on the facts to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

Apparently, his former partner, the minor’s mother, was the one in charge of the child that day. Finally, it was possible to locate her mother, who was in a nightlife area, and she was required to go to the police station to explain the situation.

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