Epic has lots of social improvements in shop

The Epic Games Launcher is becoming a fully-featured party program to make it easier to play games with friends and family and keep in touch while you’re just browsing around.

Epic was steadily building out the features because of its PC storefront and games launcher since it went live back in 2018, and the company shared a few of its strategies for social-related features in particular in a news article this week. While the article briefly touches on much-requested features like adding Achievements and improving the wishlist system, this update is all about the new and enhanced Social Panel.

Epic eventually wants to allow players join across play and platforms using the Epic Games Store, but in the shorter term, it is focused on making parties a fact for PC players. Epic plans to allow players communicate via both voice and text via celebrations and let players drop in and drop out, with no established operator necessary to remain online to keep the party going (literally). You’ll have the ability to check your party’s status in-game, and you’ll also be able to keep in it even if not everybody’s playing the same game.

As for if the Epic Games Launcher’s party program will go live, we only know that it’s part of Epic’s strategies for 2021. But it did affirm that increasingly more informative player cards to the societal panel, better friend hunting, Do Not Disturb, along with a minimized view for social notifications are all on the way this month.


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