The Third Vice President of the Government and Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, assured this Tuesday that the electricity bill for July will be the first to include the effects of the increase in the tax reduction and the application of what is known as the gas cap.

In his interview with Telecinco, Ribera explained that, if the mechanism and the “very important” reduction in taxation are taken into account, consumers with a regulated rate or PVPC will achieve a “relative” reduction of “around 30%”.

Ribera has stressed that it is “relative” because it is compared “with what it would have been in the absence of these measures”, while if we speak “in absolute terms, a smaller reduction can be produced for those who have a PVPC rate and more important for those who have a rate in the free market”. In this sense, she has defended the decisions taken. “Fortunately, the prices of each day are still lower than in the rest of the surrounding countries.”

In fact, in the absence of this system, the bill of households with a regulated rate would have increased by 15%, reports Efe.

“Let’s think about what is happening in Germany, which is in an enormously complicated situation, where the problem is no longer just the price of electricity, gas or gasoline, but a serious problem of security of supply”, Ribera pointed out.

In Spain, on the contrary, “this is not the case”, stressed the minister, who has assured that, even so, it is necessary to “work for any scenario, to be prepared at times that can be complicated”.

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