According to an Ipsos survey carried out exclusively for Sky News, which gathers the opinion of more than 2,000 Britons, 27% of citizens skip one of the meals of the day due to the rise in prices experienced in recent months and 65% he claims to have avoided turning on the heating in recent months for the same reason. And it is that, according to official data, inflation in the United Kingdom could close the second quarter of the year at 10%.

There are those who, as a measure of the cost of living, have also chosen to reduce their leisure activities (52%), use the car less (44%) or cancel subscriptions on streaming content platforms or pay television ( 29%).

This study finds that 80% of British citizens are concerned about the effect that rising prices will have on their daily lives, while 90% are concerned about the effect it will have on the country as a whole.

In this sense, the survey also reveals that concern about rising prices is greater among people with lower incomes.

For those earning less than £20,000 a year, more than half are “very concerned” about the possible rise in the cost of living over the next six months. However, in the case of those who earn more than 55,000, only two out of five are worried.

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