Content granting has been temporarily disabled as EA investigates whether its own employee handed out FIFA items for profit.

EA has temporarily handicapped content granting–the capability for things to be given to a participant’s account–as it continues an investigation into possible abuse of the feature in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team by an employee for private gain.

The information comes a short time after the company began an investigation to see if one of its own employees had been granting access to rare cards from FIFA 21 to buyers on the internet for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The community has dubbed the scandal”EAGate,” and leaked messages seem to demonstrate someone–maybe an EA employee–describing to a purchaser how they could send these items to their accounts for the right cost.

Since EA is not certain who is supporting the black market sales nevertheless, and is not even sure if it is really an employee or someone who jeopardized an employee’s accounts, content granting has been disabled for now.

Content awarding is used to give out free things during testing and quality assurance stages, as well as for employees, spouses, and athletes in certain periods. You probably don’t fall into these groups, but it’s also used in cases where someone inadvertently deletes something or has it eliminated because of another issue. Because the feature is totally disabled at the moment, so these people will also be left waiting before their issues could be solved.

“We are aware that the hope of our communities is hard-earned, and is based on principles of Fair Play,” EA stated in a blog article . “This illicit activity shakes which trust. We have been apparent since the development of Ultimate Team that items cannot be exchanged outside our match, and that’s essential to how we keep our game protected from manipulation and bad actors. This is a violation of the principle, too –we will not allow it stand.”


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