Dying light 2 will bring back weapon degradation, which is not everyone’s favorite game mechanic. Producer Szymon Strauss said that in the setting, two decades after the last game, things have continued to wear and people start making stuff out of scraps.

Many people are skeptical about durability systems. This is usually due to games that put them on thick and gear that breaks down in minutes rather than months. One thing I didn’t like in System Shock 2 was how guns broke after only a few uses. However, that could be re-tuned in a patch. Weapon degradation is usually just a matter of more menu management, as you have to manage an inventory of repair and spare parts.

It also motivates you to go out and find parts and replacements. You can also try new weapons. Dead Rising games use weapons that wear out to encourage you to try their kookier options. Dying Light 2 should achieve the right balance. Strauss suggested that you can find creative solutions to dealing with zombie packs if your weapon is broken. For example, you could use firecrackers or meat bait to lure them together before dropping a bomb into their pack.

Strauss explained that some weapons are not appropriate for certain enemies. Strauss cited the example of the fast-moving banshee. He said, “I can’t imagine hitting her with the bow.” Players will need to adjust gear for the specific situation and to replace it if necessary. He mentioned that a sound designer working on weapon sounds had broken his machete during recording. The authentic audio will be used in-game.


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