“I’m not a villain. This guy loves his country,” said actor Giancarlo Esposito a couple days ago on the Summer Sport Fest while discussing the character he plays in Far Cry 6, Anton Castillo.

I know he was having a little bit of fun by performing some tongue-in-cheek PR for his personality, and in life most people don’t neatly fall into the categories of good and evil with no gray areas in between. But the new Far Cry 6 cinematic trailer reveals Anton giving an arrangement that leads to an entire ship full of individuals being machinegunned to death.

I’m gonna go ahead and say he is a villain.

I think the most intriguing part of the trailer is that we receive a little bit of time with Diego, Anton’s young son. Diego has stowed away with different taxpayers of Yara on the ship, trying to escape the country. So, at Anton’s kid isn’t bad. At leastnot yet. From the conclusion of the match, who knows? Maybe he’s the genuine villain we met at the trailer after all.


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