Seasonal Challenges are back together with the Season of this Splicer, providing you with plenty of fresh ways to make firearms, consumables, Intelligent Dust, and adventure points all season.

The Season of this Splicer has formally arrived in Destiny 2 (although the match is down for emergency maintenance), making it a fresh slate of Seasonal Challenges. First introduced in the game’s last year, these battles change weekly bounties for Bright Dust and additional rewards, providing you objectives to meet throughout the season. What’s nice about Seasonal Challenges, however, is they persist all the way throughout the Season of their Splicer. While new challenges are published each week, you will have until the close of the year to complete them all–and earn big rewards of Bright Dust and experience points for your trouble.

Here’s a rundown of how the Seasonal Challenge system works and what challenges you’ll face each week throughout the season’s run. The Season of the Splicer is set to end on August 24.

The Way Seasonal Challenges Work
For the majority of its run, Destiny two various activities sellers –Zavala, Shaxx, and also the Drifter–carried weekly bounties that incentivized playing all three actions weekly. Those bounties handed out Bright Dust if you participated in them, but in case you did not, you missed out on getting Destiny two’s premium in-game money. Seasonal Challenges fix this; they’re challenges that are dolled out weekly, but that you are able to finish any moment throughout the season.

You’ll find Seasonal Challenges on the Quests tab in the Manager. Every week, a brand new masterpiece of challenges is released, which means that you can pop in and see what their requirements are as you move. Completing challenges is an excellent way to earn experience points and power up your Seasonal Artifact, letting you raise your character’s degree over the equipment Power cap for the season. A number of the challenges also reward you with consumables and Bright Dust, which you can then spend in the Eververse Store on different cosmetic products.

Week 1
Hello, World
Talk to the Splicer Servitor and finish Path of this Splicer I, then kill powerful Cabal enemies anywhere in the solar system. You get bonus advancement if you defeat Cabal from the seasonal Override action.
Maximum Override
Total 5 Override missions and deposit Info Spikes as a team. Bonus progress is awarded for wearing Season of the Splicer armor throughout the action.
Sidearm Splicer
Defeat opponents in Override using a sidearm, together with bonus advancement for precision blows.
Challenger’s Aspirations
Complete three per week Playlist challenges for Crucible, Gambit, or Strikes.
Close Calibration
Calibrate close-range weapons on Europa (SMGs, swords, shotguns, and sidearms). You will get bonus progress for rapidly defeating enemies.
Drifter’s Chosen
Earn 250 points in Gambit matches by banking motes, beating blockers, and defeating enemy Guardians.
Sacred Scorcher
Defeat enemy Guardians from the Team Scorched style from the Crucible. Bonus progress is rewarded for fully charged detonations, which you can get by holding down the fire button to your Scorch cannon until it costs all of the way before releasing it into flame. You will receive bonus advancement if you conquer Champions in Override.
Theseus Protocol
Conquer the Minotaur manager in Override (located in the Moon version of the action ) and conquer strong Vex anywhere in the solar system. Bonus progress comes from beating strong Vex in Override.
Crack and Decrypt that I
Open 15 total Conflux Chests in Override and decrypt 15 Season of the Splicer Umbral engrams in the HELM. This condition is retroactive, so it is going to count chests you started and engrams you decrypted in Week 1.
Auto Rifle Splicer
Get car gun kills in Override activities, with bonus progress for rapid kills.
Light Moon Rising
Complete 10 bounties and finish patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors on the moon.
Challenger’s Cipher
Decrypt 5 Prime engrams. This one isn’t retroactive–you will have to decrypt five fresh Primes to finish it.
Mid-Range Calibration
Calibrate auto rifles, mix rifles, machine guns, and hand cannons around the moon.
Dredgin’ Up Victory
Total Gambit matches with bonus progress for wins.
Iron Sharpens Iron
Total Iron Banner matches, together with bonus advancements for wins.
Anti-Cabal Sweep
Defeat Cabal combatants in Strikes, together with bonus progress for harder enemies.
Week 3
Total Path of this Splicer III and conquer 150 powerful Scorn anywhere in the solar system. You’ll get bonus advancement if you conquer Scorn in Override.
Eliksni Ally
Increase your standing rank with the House of Light servitor to 10–you can do this by earning Data from the Season Pass or by finishing Override activities and completing the servitor’s bounties.
The Tangled Web We Weave
About the Tangled Shore, complete 10 bounties and Total public events, Lost Sectors, and patrols.
Challenger’s Apogee
Reach Power Level 1310 by making powerful rewards and Prime Engrams.
Long-Range Calibration
Get beaten with long-range firearms on the Tangled Shore–specifically, bows, pulse rifles, and trace rifles. You’ll receive bonus progress to using those weapons in Lost Sectors.
Primeval Entourage
Kill indulged in Gambit matches, together with bonus advancement for beating harder opponents. There’s bonus Infamy gains this week, so it is a fantastic time to jump into Gambit to finish this and other obstacles.
Flourish of Electricity
Defeat 50 Guardians with Super abilities from the Mayhem playlist.
Ultimate Champion
Defeat Champions in Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes, in Hero difficulty or greater. The higher the difficulty, the more bonus progress you’ll get for every Champion defeated.
Week 4
Total Path of this Splicer IV and conquer Champions anywhere in the system, with bonus advancement for Champions defeated in Override or Expunge actions.
Draconian Protocol
Conquer the Wyvern boss in Override and defeat strong Vex anywhere in the machine, with bonus advancement for Vex defeated in Override or Expunge activities.
Ethereal Splicer II
Collect Ether by beating enemies in playlist pursuits and, basically, all over the system.
Fusion Rifle Splicer
Conquer 150 enemies with fusion rifles in Override and Expunge, with bonus progress for enemies that are quickly defeated.
Trials of those Tinker
Unlock 12 complete mods in the Seasonal Artifact.
Contender’s Delve
Entire a Legendary or Master Lost Sector
Precision Calibration
Defeat enemies by landing precision strikes with sniper rifles, scout rifles, and linear mix rifles, together with bonus advancement for defeating Guardians.
High-Value Hunter
Defeat powerful combatants in Gambit, together with bonus progress for beating High-Value Targets.
Momentum Crash
Defeat Guardians in the Momentum Control game mode in the Crucible, with bonus advancement for Guardians defeated while you have Zone Advantage.
Vanguard Chosen
Beat a Nightfall Strike on Hero difficulty or higher.
Week 5
Shifting Views
Complete Path of the Splicer V and defeat 150 powerful Hive anywhere in the system, with bonus progress for Hive killed in Override.
Expedited Expunge: Tartarus
Complete the Expunge: Tartarus mission in 6 minutes or less.
Crack and Decrypt II
Unlock 30 complete Conflux chests in Override missions and decrypt 30 complete Season of the Splicer engrams at the Prismatic Recaster.
Serenity at the Void
Acquire Null Composure by completing its seasonal quest. You can acquire the quest from Banshee-44.
Beyond Famous
Earn 16 Valor rankings. Competing in the Crucible this week will greatly boost your advancement, thanks to additional Valor gains through the Iron Banner event.
The Undying
Complete any Nightfall attack without dying on Legendary difficulty or greater.
Master Of All
Total 75 seasonal challenges.


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