The action is excellent, but the audio is ideal.

A brand new trailer for Bethesda’s forthcoming Dishonored-meets-Groundhog Day shot Deathloop appeared now during Sony’s State of Play online occasion, and it was a true banger–not only for the actions, but also for the first tune, Deja Vu, by Sencit Music and recording artist FJØRA.

The guns-and-magic battle looks excellent, and has me feeling a bit more optimistic about Deathloop, which I had been originally iffy on–it struck me as a tiny lightweight in contrast to Arkane’s past releases when I initially saw it, especially the Dishonored games. However, I really like the way it stations the Swinging Sixties, and this trailer completely nails that air. The music monitor is an effortless stand-in to get a classic James Bond theme tune.

Coupled with the guarantee of Hitman-style assassinations (and intermittent rampages) combined with Outsider-like abilities, and the clear willingness to allow gamers cut loose without penalizing them for this, this is absolutely a game I am looking ahead.


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