And she has a large hammer.

There has not been much information from Dota 2 recently, except the arcade spinoff show that came on Netflix past month. A gigantic update for the sport is out now, which comprises a new protagonist: the hammer-wielding Dawnbreaker.

Her principal movement, Starbreaker, entails turning her hammer about three times. On the last attack, the hammer melts down, damaging and stunning enemies facing her.

Dawnbreaker has three additional skills. Celestial Hammer sends her hammer flying into one way, damaging any enemies at the hammer’s manner and leaving a path of passion. There is also Luminosity, that is actuated after three strikes and fixes all of allied heroes in 650 units round herthe more harm done in her strikes, the further recovery her allies get. Ultimately, Solar Guardian makes a synergistic impact at any given place near to an allied hero, harmful enemies and curing that the group.

Dawnbreaker is coming within this bigger v7.29 Dota 2 upgrade, which also includes some map upgrades, changes to XP, fresh and eliminated things, plus a whole lot more.


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