The dear Age of Empires spin-off premiered in 2002, but obtained an expansion more lately in 2016.

Ahead of Saturday’s Age of Empires enthusiast event, Microsoft organized a roundtable meeting with programmers from Xbox Game Studios and the current developers of this Age of Empires show in Relic Entertainment. Someone inquired if Mythology would get the Definitive Edition remedy given to all 3 Age of Empires games.

“I have mentioned this before, and I will state it again: I’ve not forgotten about Age of Mythology,” said franchise inventive manager Adam Isgreen. “It comes up all of the time.”

That is better remedy than most’90s and 2000s plan games have gotten, but at the previous five decades it has not gotten some of those love Microsoft has proven the most important Age collection.

Isgreen did not devote to a sequel or new growth, but the passionate response from the programmers suggests a new Age of Mythology is not outside the realm of possibility. A new expansion for its timeless sport also looks plausible–Microsoft is nevertheless releasing expansions for its Age of Empires show as a result of their popularity .

“We haven’t forgotten about it. I like Age of Mythology. I like mythology generally. We adore the franchise. We are not pretending it isn’t there or something like this. We all know.”

“We are listening. We are 100 percent hearing this petition.”


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