The Ministry of Culture and Sports and the unions have agreed to make the qualifications for security guards and room managers more flexible to avoid partial closures in state museums due to the lack of necessary personnel, as has happened in recent months.

This agreement has been reached after a meeting between representatives of the Ministry and the CC.OO., UGT and CSIF unions, participants in the meeting. The changes will be reflected through a modification of the Single Agreement for the workforce of the General State Administration, which will have to be published in the BOE.

In this way, the room guards (who with the last labor agreement had been left out of the required qualifications) will be asked for a generic ESO or EGB qualification or an administrative FP. In addition, they will be able to participate in internal promotion processes or transfers.

For those in charge of the room it will be the same, with a generic bachelor’s degree or a generic technical FP as requirements. And, in addition, there will be a particular case also modified, that of the Altamira cave guides, who will be upgraded.

A spokesman for CSIF has valued in statements to Europa Press this agreement that “has been claimed for two years”, but has recalled that “there are still very important issues to solve” such as the urgent need for personnel to avoid closures of rooms in the museums.

“We are going to continue negotiating the system of supplements in parallel to improve remuneration. In addition, the administration needs to be efficient and act quickly to cover the needs of personnel, to define vacancies as soon as possible and, while offers are resolved of public employment, these positions have to be filled through interims”, they have recalled from the union.

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