The proximity of the Andalusian elections already triggers the nerves in the political forces. Today the references, the reproaches and the predictions before the elections have been numerous in Congress. The leading role in this foray into the electoral campaign has been the Vox candidate, Macarena Olona, ​​and the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños. “Macarena Salobreña; Minister Parsley”, in the words of the candidate to preside over the Board.

Olona has accused Bolaños of having concocted a plan to “illegalize” her candidacy, “steal the vote from the Andalusians” and kick her out of Andalusia “with a funny set-up” in “necessary collaboration” with the mayor of Salobreña, Eugenia Rufino, to in order to remove it from the municipal register. And despite everything, he has stressed, “here I am, standing.”

The Vox candidate has staged in Congress an alleged conversation, with slum overtones, between Bolaños and Rufino agreeing on how to annul their registration. A plan that finally brought down the Electoral Board. “How last week’s glove without hands had to hurt!” Olona snapped at Bolaños, the “parsley minister of all sauces”, before recalling the complaint he filed against the mayor for administrative prevarication and crime electoral.

Félix Bolaños has responded, with the atmosphere already heated in Congress, making Olona ugly “his overacting, his theater, his lies and his forced smile.” The minister has accused the candidate of having had the “boldness” of having signed in a public document that she lives in Salobreña. “A trap like a house,” she said. “If his first procedure to stand for election is a trap, what can Andalusians expect from the Olona-Bonilla candidacy in Andalusia,” argued Bolaños, bringing the PP into the equation. In his opinion, only “traps and more traps” because Vox, he has said, “has no scruples, it has no moral limits, no legal or ethical limits.”

The Minister of the Presidency has given as an example the incident, yesterday, in the Cortes of Castilla y León, between Vice President Juan García-Gallardo, of Vox, and a disabled socialist deputy whom the former, according to Bolaños, “insulted” stating that he would not treat her “with condescension” but “as if she were a person like the others”.

Bolaños has appealed to the PP about this case, accusing him of being the architect of the ultra-right having entered the Castilian-Leonese government. The minister has claimed to be in politics precisely to “combat” everything that Vox represents: “hate, tension, bullying, insults and privileges.”

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