The Government has sent the official communication to Congress to celebrate, after seven years of parenthesis, the Debate on the State of the Nation that will take place on July 12, 13 and 14. In the text sent to the Chamber, the Executive makes a praising review of all the measures that have been adopted so far in this legislature to overcome the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, and tiptoes over the current economic deterioration of families and companies as a result of runaway inflation.

In the communication, it is stated that the President of the Government will attend the Debate “convinced of the work carried out in favor of the well-being of Spanish men and women, as well as committed to continue working on this purpose until the end of the legislature.”

To this he adds his intention to do so “with an open and dialoguing spirit, receptive to the contributions of the different parliamentary groups, trusting that agreement and consensus prevail in all those initiatives aimed at consolidating growth, guaranteeing rights and improving life of people, leaving no one behind”.

He emphasizes that since the beginning of 2020, when the coalition government was formed, the Executive’s commitment has been to “get out of the successive crises by reinforcing the Welfare State”. And as outstanding examples of this will, he cites: the Minimum Vital Income, the increase in the Interprofessional Minimum Wage, the revaluation of pensions, the ERTE and the prohibition of evicting vulnerable families from their homes.

The document sent to the Chamber insists on the “unprecedented succession of adverse situations” that it has had to face and indicates that it has given a response to all of them safeguarding well-being and protecting people and companies, and advancing at the same time in “reforms to modernize the country and expand the rights of citizens”.

The communication refers to the “hard blow” that the consequences of the war have brought to the economy, but only in passing points to an “escalation in inflation that affects families and companies”. Faced with this situation, he presents the measures included in the new anti-crisis decree, which must be validated by Congress, as a “complete package” that will help “alleviate the effects of the war and inflationary tensions.” At no time is it stated that prices despite everything have not stopped growing, already reaching a double-digit rate and it is even stated that, despite everything, the forecast for the remainder of the year and for 2023 is to maintain a growth “higher to that of the major advanced economies.

The text does not forget the section on foreign policy pointing out the “leadership” and the “very relevant” role of Spain in the EU and also refers, in a section included at the last minute, to the NATO Summit held in Madrid and in which Pedro Sánchez has acted as host, describing it as “the most important political event and with the greatest international relevance of the current legislature” together with the one that will take place during the second half of 2023 when Spain holds the presidency of the Council of the union European.

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