The Sykov is a full-auto pistol with 80-round mags and akimbo. Wowza.

As has become something of a habit in Call of Duty: Warzone as of late, a new weapon has been added to the match with no notice from Activision. But unlike the comparatively benign Shadowhunter crossbow, today’s new Sykov pistol is very good at killing.

By default, the Sykov looks and feels like any other pistol in Warzone, but it’s a handful of attachments that could make it an overpowered creature. If you’re keeping count, that is 160 bullets in an extremely high fire rate without having to reload.

As you can see below in a clip from BennyCentral, the Sykov makes fast work of bots set up with about the exact same health as players have in Warzone. Its remarkable time-to-kill at short range is something to behold.

Despite initial reports from gamers having trouble unlocking and leveling up the Sykov, its launch now was apparently intentional. Raven declared in a tweet now that development should now be monitored on the rifle”as intended,” so I suppose it is the actual deal.

Warzone players might recognize the akimbo pistol strategy from the Diamatti pistols that were very popular earlier this season. The rapid-fire pistols were likewise harmful at close range until Activision finally nerfed their hipfire precision . With 80-round drum mags and apparently no difficulty hitting their mark, a pair of Sykov pistols could prove even better compared to Diamattis in their summit.

Call of Duty Youtuber TheXclusiveAce has already released an initial dive into the Sykov’s stats. Ace is among the very levelheaded and analytical voices in the CoD community, and even he is concerned that the pistol will be overpowered once it’s fully unleashed. “At this stage, it will have me worried.” Me too.



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