The FFAR and AUG meta in Warzone is Beginning to rile lovers

Call of Duty: Warzone lovers are expressing their displeasure about the FFAR and also AUG meta enclosing the battle royale game.

The AUG has always been a fairly deadly weapon in Warzone, with the Dark Ops: Cold War variant of the weapon able to pinpoint targets using a brutal three-burst precision, and gamers were using it in tandem with all the FFAR for devastating effect. This meta is nothing new in Warzone, however, the anger from parts of the community around the two weapons has been steadily increasing over the previous week.

Warzone players seem to be pretty agitated by the condition of the game right now. Below, you can view another slightly humorous post enclosing the fact that many popular Warzone players are using the FFAR and AUG combination. This is done by choosing the Overkill Perk when creating a custom class, so that you can kit yourself out with two principal weapons in a single class. Afterward, when you pick up a loadout fall, you can instantly pick up both the FFAR and AUG during that one habit course.

It’s simple to see why Warzone players are somewhat frustrated right now. You might recall when the DMR and MAC-10 were being used for a similar devastating mix earlier this season . 2021 started with a bangas gamers used both weapons in one custom class to wreak havoc during the game, causing Raven Software into eventually nerf the DMR with a single thick patch.

This new meta allows for something simular. The AUG permits for pinpoint precision fire to moderate ranges, while the FFAR is a solid weapon to use in slightly more close-quarters situations. Considering the number of posts flood the Warzone subreddit rail against the two weapons, we wouldn’t be surprised if programmer Software handles the AUG and FFAR in the not too distant future.


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