Call of Duty was previously available on Steam. It was made available to Activision Blizzard’s launcher in 2018 with Black Ops 4. Fans have found it funny (and sometimes annoying) how congested’s Call of Duty launcher has become over the years.

Simply put, used to allow you to open Modern Warfare simply by clicking on the button that read “Modern Warfare”. Call of Duty: Warzone then incorporated Modern Warfare into another launcher, allowing you to download and start either game. That launcher also added Black Ops Cold War to the mix, leaving Modern Warfare out of it.

You can now have four CoDs. Activision announced Call of Duty: Vanguard and added it to’s roster.

Fans are enthralled by the sight of four Call of Duty titles being displayed simultaneously.

I won’t lie, but I would love to see Call of Duty: Prehistoric Warfare. Pterodactyl bombing run? Laser sight attachment for Spear All clubs mode


Activision is at crossroads regarding how to support multiple years of CoD. This is especially true with Warzone’s continued live service success, which runs somewhat counter to the main series Call of Duty releases. It seems like a good problem, as Warzone has been a breakout success in battle royale over the past few years.

After you’ve had enough of prehistoric warfare rock catapult strikes, be sure to visit our comprehensive coverage of Call of Duty: Vanguard. The first major preview has arrived. We learn that we are post-WWII experts hunting down Hitler’s successor. Warzone will also receive a new map in the coming year.


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