Don’t allow big game companies to Freddy Krueger you.

A well-known beer company released a bizarre ad just before the Super Bowl. After a short clip, they asked people to listen for eight hours while they sleep in exchange for half-off a 12-pack (or a free 12-pack when shared with a friend). In what they call “Targeted Dream Incubation”, the intention was to instill positive thoughts and feelings about the brand while listeners slept. I don’t believe the company should be named–if they are advertising in people’s dreams, they don’t need extra coverage from me!

Although it may seem like a scam, a letter from sleep researchers expressing concern about this type of advertising stated that people are susceptible to being offered suggestions while they sleep. It’s not a big leap to connect it with games. Last year, Xbox used Targeted Dream Incubation to create videos from the dreams streamers had after they bought the Xbox Series X.


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