There is also reports of a formal poll doing the rounds.

Battlefield 6 rumors have been coming thick and fast before the game’s anticipated reveal a while this year, using a current tweet list a number of its attributes eliciting a response in your official Battlefield Twitter accounts .

The tweet from Roberto Serrano (aka @geronimo_73) points into some modern war setting, 16-128 multiplayer suits, customization for troops, vehicles and weapons along with a”autumn 2021″ discharge date. The tweet also lists a battle royale part, which will allegedly roll out in ancient 2022 as a free-to-play title.

None of these are particularly surprising–many of these are things you would expect from a brand new Battlefield game. The free-to-play battle royale is surprising, and also the contemporary warfare setting has never been confirmed. But besides that it is business as normal, right?

The official reply in Battlefield appears to agree, however, it is completely up to interpretation since, uh: spaghetti.

The other rumor doing the rounds on reddit, that has not attracted any official answer, points into Battlefield 6 comprising a hub-like launcher hosting”most, if not all” older Battlefield games–rather like Hitman 3 is currently host to the entire trilogy. However, you ought to take that with a huge dollop of salt.

Elsewhere, EA has issued a questionnaire to a players (through PCGamesN) quizzing on a variety of features like a conflict pass. In any circumstance, it likely will not be long until we hear all this at an official capacity. Meanwhile, spaghetti.


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