Apple Announces Winners of the 2024 Apple Design Awards

Apple has revealed the recipients of the 2024 Apple Design Awards, recognizing 14 outstanding apps and games for their excellence in design and technical achievement. The winners, selected from developers worldwide, were commended for their innovative approaches that enhance user experiences.

Susan Prescott, Appleā€™s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, expressed admiration for the developers’ use of technology to create remarkable apps and games that enrich the lives of users. The winners were acknowledged for their ability to craft powerful and immersive experiences, showcasing their dedication and creativity.

The awards encompass seven categories, each honoring an app and a game for their contributions to delight and fun, inclusivity, innovation, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics, and spatial computing. The winners were chosen from a pool of 42 finalists, highlighting the diversity and talent within the Apple developer community.

In the category of Delight and Fun, “Bears Gratitude” by Isuru Wanasinghe from Australia was recognized for its innovative approach to promoting self-reflection through a journaling app. The New York Times Company’s “NYT Games” was also a winner in this category, offering engaging gaming experiences to a wide audience.

Inclusivity was celebrated through apps like “oko” by AYES from Belgium, which supports visually impaired individuals by alerting them to signal lights. The game “Crayola Adventures” by Red Games Co. from the United States was also honored for its inclusive character choices and gameplay options.

Innovation was a key focus, with apps like “Procreate Dreams” by Procreate from Australia providing users with advanced design tools for creating animations. “Lost in Play” by Happy Juice Games from Israel was recognized for its imaginative gameplay and endearing characters.

The Interaction category highlighted apps like “Crouton” by Devin Davies from New Zealand, offering a clean interface for organizing recipes and grocery lists. The game “Rytmos” by Floppy Club from Denmark challenged players to solve puzzles through intuitive gestures and evolving music.

Social Impact was emphasized through apps like “Gentler Streak Fitness Tracker” by Gentler Stories from Slovenia, promoting healthy lifestyles through personalized tracking features. The Pixel Hunt’s “The Wreck” from France was acknowledged for its emotionally engaging narrative that prompts players to reflect on their choices.

Visuals and Graphics were celebrated in apps like “Rooms” by Things, Inc. from the United States, offering users a platform for building imaginative scenes. The game “Lies of P” by NEOWIZ from South Korea reimagined a classic tale with stunning visuals and customizable options.

The Spatial Computing category recognized apps like “djay pro – DJ App & AI Mixer” by algoriddim GmbH from Germany, providing users with a spatial environment for music mixing. Shapes and Stories’ “Blackbox” from the United States challenged players to think creatively in a spatial canvas filled with engaging puzzles.

For more information about the Apple Design Award winners and finalists, visit or the Apple Developer app.