Blisk could be another competitor from the Apex Games

An Apex Legends dataminer has discovered Titans coming into the battle royale stadium, via the skills of a brand new personality.

From the gameplay clip which they have managed to discover from the documents of Respawn’s match, we could observe a character calling down an Auto-Titan, which opens fire on a big area immediately before the giant robot.

The specific character that is thought to be utilizing this capability from the short gameplay clip? None aside from Blisk, the infamous IMC commander from the Titanfall games. Blisk acted as the antagonist into the player character in the stories, and has allegedly had a hand in creating the Apex Games from the outside edges of the galaxy.

If the flow is true, it’s easy to determine how the accession of Blisk will shake of Apex Legends at a massive way. Having the ability to call down a Titan to start fire onto the surrounding region while Blisk can move around freely is a huge benefit for your own character. You are going to want some large defensive personalities such as Gibraltar to offset the devastating firepower of all Blisk’s Titan.

The giant robots in the Titanfall games have been something that programmer Respawn initially shot down rather than coming into the battle royale game when it initially introduced in 2019 (based on Eurogamer). Even though it would appear that Titans are now coming in Apex Legends, it does not look as though they’ll be player-controlled, since they were in equally Titanfall games.


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