A brand new Among Us mod brings the activity to school and tasks the crewmates with the difficult job of attempting to not get caught missing course.

A new Among Us mod puts the activity in a school map also turns the notorious Impostor to a wicked teacher. Mods have mastered this hit multiplayer game for a while now, with map, look, and gameplay adjustments on offer that are both hilarious and sometimes quite genius. This latest attempt at reskinning the addictive One of Us gameplay loop has recreated a very common childhood dream.

The game’s success could be attributed both to the global pandemic and the game’s exceptionally entertaining setup. Additionally, it has appreciated crossovers with other beloved games such as Fall Guys, also has burst in sales. The modding community has just enlarged upon the game’s previously robust entertainment potential.

YouTuber Socksfor1 and their team of fellow editors, programmers, and friends have revealed gameplay of a hilariously fun mod that changes the place of this game to a thorough school map where the Impostor is a teacher. The map is complete with its very own unusual tasks, such as running to class before the timer runs out and the school bell rings. Shenanigans ensue as the classmates struggle to escape punishment against the instructor. Content like this goes on to show just how flexible the One of Us formulation would be to various preferences and theories. Sockfor1 and their friends have a massive selection of videos showing off just how many ways they have adapted the cherished social deduction match.

Community-made content isn’t limited to the digital space, however. A fan-made Among Us board game featuring the timeless Skeld map is in the works at GK-Games after moving viral. Fans of the multiplayer game have created homages across several other games such as Animal Crossing, and there’s a crossover with all the popular battle royale Fall Men in Season 4. Among Us has clearly come a long way since its first release back in 2018.

One of Us is celebrating its third anniversary this season after a wildly profitable second year. Developer InnerSloth has responded to the immense victory by buckling down and heading to work on the future of this beloved game. Updates that will bring quality of life features such as voice chat, in addition to more maps to stick to the forthcoming Airship, have been teased by the studio, however not much is known for certain about what’s cooking. 1 thing is certain however; One of Us isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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